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Emails from the Peace Corps, No. 14

  • Sep. 30th, 2008 at 6:12 PM
More than one year in! More than one year to go!

That's right my beautiful friends, you haven't seen my lovely face in more than a year... or more. Not that my face is really all that lovely or that you miss seeing it or anything. I kind of already went on that whole "reflective" rant last email about poverty, the "developing world", perspective and all that jazz so I'll spare you. Or at least I'll try to spare you.

So, I promised a photopost but I lied. The internet is too slow to be doing silly things like uploading. So, that'll be next time when the wifi isn't crawling like a snail in the middle of a hurricane. For now, you'll just get some verbal diarrhea from me. I'll never look at the word diarrhea the same way again... ever. But, that's too much information.

I've had some new diseases since my last disease ridden email last winter. I got ring worm all over my body and mad crazy sad flea bites from the beach all up and down the backs of my legs. There's a photo but I think I'll spare you that little bit of vomit that'll rise up from your stomach and enter your mouth that you'll be to embarrassed to spit out and that you'll just end up swallowing again. But, it was naaaaasty. I also had another run with that d-word that I mentioned up there but it went away in a couple of days.

So, I don't know if I wrote about Ike, the hurricane, and how we were all put into a hotel, again. There wasn't really that much damage in my site but Haiti got wrecked and so did Cuba. And Texas too... I'm sure you guys heard about the Texas part. There are a couple trees in my backyard that shouldn't be bent the way they are but other than that it was pretty okay in my campo.

The women's group I mentioned, that started out as 28 eager women, has been reduced to 8 women who show up. It makes me sad. But, there's really nothing I can do. So, I'll keep on trudging. I started a new youth group which I'm really excited about. I really do enjoy my youth group most of the time until they get all full of attitude -- which is universal for teenagers I've decided-- and I want to hit them over the head, individually, with a machete. But, I really do love them. The old group and I have given charlas at the Liceo (High School) and the local Catholic Church -- both of which were hits. So, now it's time for the little younglings to teach other little younglings so that when I leave there won't be an implosion.

Other than that, life is pretty repetitive. I did go to a friend of mine's site near Dajabon (a boarder town) and we went to the Haitian market which was just chaos, chaos, chaos. There were thousands of Haitians crossing over the bridge with UN guards standing watch, fighting and pushing to get into the DR to sell as much as they can before going back to Haiti where the economy is bust and poverty is much more apparent. Mondays and Fridays are market days which mean that crossing the bridge is free-- otherwise the fee to cross is US$25 on the Haitian side and then another US$10 on the Dominican side. It was really an experience. Not somewhere to take mom, if you know what I mean.

So, here's the big news of the day. I'm coming home for a visit! Not until January mind you but I'll be there. In the bay area to see anyone who is around. I'll be flying in on the 24th of January and out to NYC on the 8th of Feb. I'll spend the night at Cynthia's -- if anyone is around and would like to see me in NYC on Jan 8th I'll be elated, and early early on the 9th I'll be going back to the DR. So yeah, yay! California! Yay Berkeley! Yay New York! Lovely, lovely things. Let's hope a young black man is president, eh?

Well, that's all. You're all lovely. Write to me. I miss you.



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